Merry Christmas

At times, I have felt discontent and upset during the last few days. The main reason has been the inability to accomplish all that I have wanted to. My desire for efficiency and results is often unrealistic, but I am working on it. My wife Norine perceived it and made sure to sit next to me at church on Sunday. I love when she does that. After 18 years of marriage it still makes me feel special and appreciated “in good and bad times”. During the homily, she reached out for my hand and then held it for a good part of Mass. I understood then that it wasn’t just her hand, but the Holy Spirit speaking to me and Christmas just made more sense! We know that Christmas is about receiving Jesus and rejoicing for the unfathomable gift of a God that decided to become man to show us the way to heaven.

But how do we “practically” receive Jesus beside in the sacraments?

It’s not anything new and it is actually very simple, because to receive Him is to recognize Him in the people that he has placed around us. For me then, it is to see him first in my wife reaching out with her hand to hold mine and in my children when they want to spend time with me or still act silly. God could have saved us in many ways, but he became incarnate because he understands that humans need tangible signs of his presence. He speaks to us through the people, experiences and beauty that he puts on our path every single day. My prayer this Christmas is that we can all learn to recognize and welcome Him daily.

Merry Christmas!

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