"If we take away religion..."

I feel compelled to respond to today's very sad Daily News headline "God isn't fixing this" following yet another American shooting rampage. The front page of the article hints that Republican politicians have a (simple) solution in their hands by forcing stricter gun laws. Do the authors of the article truly believe that, or are they just exploiting the situation for a political motive? No, I do not own a gun or aspire to purchase one, but…..

Laws will never fix hate and despair. Only love will. God is love and God is not dead, but unless we let Him enter into our hearts and spill out its love toward others, tragedies, shootings and murders will continue to happen. How can we still be so blind? We just need to watch 10 minutes of news discussing with excessive dramatization the latest bombings, famines and wars to realize that the world is falling apart and stricter laws are not the answer. If it is not enough, visit a RedBox kiosk or the YouTube movie page and compare the percentage of uplifting movies (or games) with those filled with blood, evil expressions, guns or destruction. You don't even need to watch them; just look at the front cover. Our society is pouring hate and violence from its every pore and we are sadly immersed in it. How can we be surprised that people act as they do? We become what we absorb. This is true for the food that feed our physical body, but also for images and videos that feed our mind and soul.

Do not be afraid. This sentence is one of the most common in scripture and one of St John Paul II's favorite quotes. Humans beings are made for the light, not for darkness. As Christians we are called to not be afraid and be that light in this dark world.

Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom

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