Just another tragedy?

A post on Facebook prompted me to change what I intended to write today.

It is a poem by an Indian blogger, Jameel Ahmed Mohammed, which has gone viral.

It says: "It is not Paris we should pray for. It is the world. It is a world, in which Beirut, reeling from Bombings two days before Paris, is not covered in the press media [...] Pray for the world that blames a refugee crisis for a terrorist attack. [...] For a world that is falling apart in all corners, and not simply in the towers and cafes we find so similar.". You can read it here in its entirety.

The is so much that is broken, but we can be part of the solution, by trying "to do small things with great love" (Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata)

There are others we need to pray for:

"The thousands of unborn children that are threatened every day by abortion and for their desperate mothers;

those who see their children dying in their arms because they do not have food to feed them, while western supermarkets and restaurants throw it away;

those who cross Central America on the roofs of trains in search of a job;

those who have lived in refugee camps for years;

those children who grow up without the love of parents;

those who are old and alone, because we are too busy to visit them.

But also for those who are responsible for all these injustices, who need repentance and forgivenes.

and finally, we should pray that we can overcome our own selfishness, busyness and indifference, which cause us to be part of the problem instead of the solution."

When will we realize that the answer to a broken world involve sharing God,'s love and mercy with those around us? Because "Man does not live by bread alone" and unless we learn to satisfy man's inner hunger for true joy and love, which can only be found in God, we will never be able to truly love each other!

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