To be grateful

I pondered about what to write in my first post, but what could be more appropriate than today's Gospel reading? In Luke 17:11-17, Jesus meets ten lepers. They plead him to cure them and, when He does, only one (a Samaritan) comes back to thank our Lord for his miracle. Where did the other nine go? Where they too excited and forgot to say thank you because they wanted to go back to hug their families after living for so much time in isolation? Or were they actually ungrateful people, who received what they wanted and just moved on to their now restored normal life?

I feel entitled at times, I complain about what is not right in my life and when the situation changes, I immediately forget about it and move on to the next worry or concern. Instead, I need to be grateful every day for the gift of life, even with its difficulties, for the sun shining and the cold air on a snowy morning like today, for children's silly questions and for the gift of the Eucharist, God made flesh that is available for us 24x7 at Mass and in the adoration chapel nearest to you. Thankfulness is a cure for many of our worries, but it takes time to learn to practise it. Keep a running list of smaller and bigger things you are grateful for and read it when times are tough. What are you grateful for today?

For my children

For God's touch so vividly present in the majestic Grand Canyon and in delicate colorful flowers

For a book that helped our family express more gratefulness

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